Tuesday, July 1, 2014

It's Official !

Happy Friday Blogging Friends ! 

We have some exciting news to share ... The Math GNOMe and Common Core 4 has now been officially published. Thank you to Creative Teaching Press, our humble little teacher resource has been turned into 6 books! You can now purchase The Math Gnome and Common Core Four specifically for grades K - 5.  We have really set out to present a user friendly Common Core Standard Based resource for teachers by TEACHERS.
PS: it's also available as an eBook! Instant gratification :) 

Here's the link - Check it out!!!! EEEEEEeee can you tell we are excited??? 

Creative Teaching Press - Math GNOMe Resource Books and Management Sets

Side note: As a result of this exciting news - Our products related to the Math Gnome will no longer be available on Amazon or Teachers Pay Teachers. However, you can still visit our Teachers Pay Teachers store for other teaching resources and tools that we have created! 


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