Meet the Work Wives

Diane, Michele, and Kelly grew up in various areas of Western New York. They came together when all three began their teaching careers at a small, rural elementary school. Being new teachers, they quickly bonded with each other and delighted in sharing their successes, looked for advice in their struggles, and continued to pursue professional development. They lovingly began to refer to each other as their “work wives” an homage to the amount of time and support they give to one another.

Diane Taylor double majored and received her bachelor’s degree in Childhood Education and Psychology. She received her master’s in Math, Science, and Technology Education. Currently, Diane is a third-grade teacher as well as the elementary math content leader for her school district.

Michele Meyer received her bachelor’s in English from the University at Buffalo and holds a master’s in both Childhood Education and Special Education from Roberts Wesleyan College. Michele had experience in a variety of grade levels during her seven years as an elementary classroom teacher. She is currently an instructional coach in Western New York where she works with teachers in grades PreK–6. 

Kelly Santora received her bachelor’s in both Childhood Education and Special Education.  She received her master’s in Education and went on to pursue her CAS in Educational Administration.  She taught for seven years in a rural elementary school before moving on to her current position as the math coordinator for 22 school districts. She enjoys leading teachers through this transition to the Common Core Math Initiative in New York State. 

The Work Wives are excited to share their ideas for incorporating the Common Core State Standards into an elementary classroom and look forward to “teaching with the Common Core in mind” for many years to come.

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